Carving Workshop

With Carol Russell

Carving spoons is a great way to discover the beauty of wood and the satisfaction of using quality tools. It will be made even more special as we will be working in the beautiful surroundings of Piccolo Family Farm.

A hand-carved spoon can be as imaginative as you want it to be, the secret is to let the features of the wood determine the design.

This class is an introduction to using carving tools and getting the feel of working with some of our beautiful native timber species. We will be using seasoned timber, so the spoons will be ready to use straight away.

Carol will cover basic carving techniques as well as design, timber characteristics, tool sharpening and timber finishing.

You will take at least one hand carved spoon home with you and a blank so you can start another. 

All tools and materials are provided and please wear closed in shoes. Absolute beginners are very welcome.

Registration includes participation in Spoon Carving Workshop, meals including the Speaking Place collaborative dinner, and entry to A Day in the Orchard festival on Sunday 9th October. 

“I was born in Tasmania in 1964 and grew up surrounded by nature and people who were creating beautiful things that were inspired by the landscape.

I have developed an interest in making small spoons and wooden vessels for serving food. I believe the way food is presented is extremely important. Wooden utensils give the artist a great opportunity to blend form and function. 

No matter what you make from timber, you can’t improve on a tree. I don’t like to see trees cut down if it’s not necessary and I believe in using every last bit. Making small pieces mean I can find a use for everything. Sourcing material ethically and being mindful about waste, are elements that are fundamental to all aspects of creativity.”

Carving Workshop -
Carving Workshop -