Art Workshop

'Picturing Place' with Gregory Carosi

Participants will develop skills in looking at and recording – in drawn form – landscape through the use of reed pen and ink on concertina books.

Gregory Carosi is a nationally recognised visual artist based in the Riverina. His painting practice is driven by physical and cultural connections to place, and his work explores the ways in which the topography of built and natural environments influences our day-to-daylives. Gregory has recently completed a major public commission for the Dubbo Hospital Redevelopment Project, and upcoming regional exhibitions will continue his interest in providing large-scale experiences of the beauty and grandeur of the Australian landscape.

Registration includes participation in Art Workshop, meals including the Speaking Place collaborative dinner, and entry to A Day in the Orchard festival on Sunday 9th October. 

Place is central to my practice, giving shape to considerations of the changing nature of the human condition in light of accelerated climate change. In elaborating the essential humanism of painting as an emotive, intellectual art form. my paintings adopt a neo-Cubist attitude to space in an attempt to represent the ever-moving focus that is sensory perception.
My work seeks to embody the complex interactions between humans and their physical and cultural surroundings, engaging with the personal experiences of migration, dramatising disruptions to weather patterns as a result of global warming, and examining competing geographical conceptions of line in coastal and inland regions of Australia.
Most recently, my work has explored the ways in which humans and animals move through built and natural environments in response to physical and visual topography, in an attempt to redefine traditional conceptions of Australian landscape painting in kinetic and immersive ways. This interest in the relationships between art and the viewer has led to increasingly large-format works that offer audiences an experience on the human scale.

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Art Workshop -