Analog Brewing Workshop

with Topher Boehm

Wildflower Brewing & Blending‘s Topher Boehm will bring participants back to the basics of producing beer with rudimentary and traditional processes. The workshop will make a base for beer without the aid of any industrial processes, as it could have been done at home before electricity and any modern niceties. Crack local, organic cereals by hand, make a mash in an oak barrel, filter the mash through straw, boil over fire and allow our brewed beer to cool while running through a naturally hollowed tree and additionally via the nighttime air to become inoculated by the wild yeasts of the surrounds. 

During the course of the interactive workshop, Topher will speak to the history and fundamentals of these methods, and how the concept of Place resonated through the fermentation process. The final product (brewed wort) will be taken back to Wildflower Brewing & Blending to complete its fermentation and eventual bottling to be delivered to participants so they can taste the final result a number of months later. 

Registration includes participation in Analog Brewing Workshop, meals including the Speaking Place collaborative dinner, and entry to A Day in the Orchard festival on Sunday 9th October. 

This workshop is an over 18s event. 

Topher is an obsessive learner and inquirer who seeks educational opportunities in every aspect of culture. He wants to create the beers he loves to drink and share them with friends. He is also ardent about sensory experiences, seeking gastronomic food and wine to challenge and develop his palate. After spending 4 years as a professional brewer in Sydney, Topher travelled extensively to Europe and his native Texas learning old-world techniques necessary to successfully make wild, mixed fermentation beers. He hopes that Wildflower will inspire makers and tinkerers to utilise their immediate surrounds to craft beautiful things.

Analog Brewing Workshop -
Analog Brewing Workshop -